Would you like to dance kizomba festival (official), México, viernes, 21. junio 2019

The event will be raising money for local Non government agencies raising money for grassroots education skills training in entrepreneurship and building wider skills pool the local community.

3 floors
4 auditoriums
Day social on the terrace overlooking the beach and lagoon.
Parties 10pm-breakfast.
Food on premises.
Trained bar staff.
After parties on the 10th floor roof pool with bar.

Enjoy Cancun being south of the boarder where anything goes but with respect!

Early Bird ticket sales start on the 20th of June 2018. Priced at 75€ or $90.


Carlos Tabanka, Kizomba Harmony, Sayana Isid'or, Sam Sembakiz and Mary, Boni Afronovo from Afronovo, Lucero Huitrón, Eddie Hercules, @Sabar and Majdouline, @Marta Mignone and Yami Step One, Kalypso never enough, Judy and Kwesi Sakyi, Lucien Norten, JP & Stepy, Peter JS of KizombaNola


BLS crew, Derick Banks, Stefano Lima, Sai Sai, Ghost ****,Stef, DJ King Carlos, DJ Tecas

Carlos Tabanka :Lisboa

Kizomba Harmony tbc Houston
(kizomba fundamentals)

Sayana: Lyon, out of retirement
(Ginga and afro house)

Sam and Mary Sembakiz :Lyon
(semba with attitude and Algerian spit)

Boni from Afro novo :Paris
(Afrohouse, afronovo fit, kuduro )

Lucero Huitron : Mexico city
(ladystyling urban)

Eddie Hercullis :San Francisco

Sabar and Majdouline :France
(musicality and dancing with attitude)

Marta Mignone and Yami Step One, Milano and Paris
(urban fusion)

Secert Team :Paris (franch style)

Kalypso never enough (Swiss)

Graziana FG and Lorenzo : Luxembourg and Amsterdam
(Jazz fusion)

Derick Banks :rotterdam

Judy and Kwesi Sakyi :Toronto, Ontario

Lucien Norten : Barcalona/Amsterdam

JP & Stepy :Paris

Peter JS of KizombaNola : New Orleans
(tango fusion kiz workshop)

BLS crew.
Derick Banks :Netherlands
Stefano Lima :Netherlands
Sai Sai :Paris
Adé Le Ouf :Paris

Ghost **** : Milano

Tati :Russia
Dance Hall influenced kizomba
Stef :genoble
blvck Skyle

The traditionalists

DJ King Carlos
DJ tecas

Photography :

Polina Kostromitina
The Naive Photographer

On the Saturday Night there will be shows from
Marta Mignone Full and @yani
Graziana FG and @lor

Before workshops Afro Novo will be showing of their concept of Afro Fit to get you warmed up for the day.
With a quick 10/20 minute afro warm up. This will be a 10:30 with workshops starting at 11.

Social will run after lunch on the terrace which has views of the beach and lagoon in Cancun.

Down at the entrance we will be offering a range of local produced products showing sustainable economic growth for the local community through grassroots lead tourism projects.

There will be food available on site brunch and dinner at a price. but straight across the road is a latino style supermarket where you can buy everything you can possibly think of.

The beach is accessable next to coco bango and you can go dance on the beach. If you bring your bluetooth speakers.

Hotels with in walking distance of the main venue are Krystal 3 star and krystal grande 5 star both are on the beach but you pay for the beach.

viernes, 21. junio 2019, México, Would you like to dance kizomba festival (official)

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