06. febrero 2020 - 18:00 hasta 21:00
United StatesSolon34125 Portz Pkwy44139-6803

Winter Library Show! (Date TBA), Solon, jueves, 06. febrero 2020


make sure you come at 6:00pm because every band this time is awesome and you should check them all out!

-Bands (in order):

-The Casual Fools - 6:00-6:25pm (Replacements-Core)
-Vim Nibby - 6:35-7:00pm (Programming-Core)
-The Virtues - 7:10-7:35pm (PrincessDiva-Core)
-The Descent Of Man - 7:45-8:10pm (...Metal-Core)

-Admission if free as always, but make sure to support the bands by buying their merch and CD's and stuff! :)

-DISCLAIMER: The library IS responsible for anyone who gets hurt during these shows. And if someone gets hurt badly (coughcough punching people in the ****. I know who you are.) these shows can't happen anymore.

I'm sorry I have to be such an ******* about these things. I'm all for dancing and having fun, but not when it's at the cost of someone else. So please refrain from violence and we'll all be happy and have fun :)

And if you choose to continue being obnoxious and start to hurt people, you WILL be kicked out. No exceptions.

So now that I got that out of the way, I hope you all can come and bring your friends and we can make this yet another awesome Library Show :D

jueves, 06. febrero 2020, Solon, Winter Library Show! (Date TBA)

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