Transformational Wellness Retreat in Cancun (True Love Training Part 1), Cancún, miércoles, 06. noviembre 2019

Have you got past your fears enough to find true love? True love in your career or love life? What is your purpose? Would you like to help people bring meaning into their lives too? I certainly do! I have had people come out of my training completely changing their career path with the confidence to succeed. I have had people get married, find their deepest love and start their business. Finally finding that safe place to break through fears, they arrived to their purpose, creating the life they dream Retreat in Cancun, Mexico is a spectacular way to become a great lover (of life, intimacy and in you) and bring meaning back into your life! Join Nov. 6 - 10th and feel your love and passions participant gets an added bonus certificate course: True Love - A real path to a more passionate and love-filled life. "Amazing Teacher, guide, space holder, and transformation creator!!" - Joshua Param Sevak After this retreat, the love and passions you are looking to create will come to you! Venture into this transformative experience and you will see why. This True Love Retreat will help you:- dissolve the fears that are holding you back- regain hope for long-lasting love- Create courage to feel and become more authentic- Regain confidence and feel beautiful from the inside out- rekindle that loving heart of yours in a safe space. Joyfully, I created this as a Rites of Passage and it's the pre-requisite for the full True Love Training. Have you done Rites of Passage before? Rites of Passage helps transmute big changes in life. This will mark your passage of transformation. If you are burning for change, yet shaking in fear of change, this is for you.My first rites of passage were a few years ago. It's immeasurable the significance it brought into my life. With my improved courage, I continue to create them for myself and others ever since. It does not matter your age, gender, culture or relational status. Clearly define your choice to make a significant transformation in your life. It is a way to break old habits and live your passions. "My time with Deva was really beautiful and precious. I felt instantly safe with him and able to speak my heart without fear of any judgment or discomfort. This allowed me the space to open more deeply to the medicine he had to bring." - Mina BastIn this retreat you can experience: - Powerful dynamic activities for shedding fears and becoming a conscious lover. This includes active meditations, rituals, nature immersions, and body wisdom practices. - Delicious local and healthy meals (vegan options) with luxury sleeping arrangements. - Posters, fun games, journaling, electronic detox and uplifting activities. Location: Check out our amazing accommodations!The hacienda offers a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. It is a place for rest and adventure. Visitors can reconnect with nature and enjoy the Caribbean : November 6 - 10th, 2018. We will begin the evening of the Wednesday 6th 8pm. And finish Saturday Night at 10pm. Sunday the 10th, we check out Midday and you can go to Cancun Airport or to the Tantra Festival. Book Now! Limited to a max of 20 people. Send payments to: Venmo @devapresence or Paypal: contact@ was really kind and truly took care of my special situation. It was a miracle indeed, and my soul was nourished deeply. Now, I have a better understanding of connections with others and myself. Thanks, Deva, my new friend, and mentor. Thanks for helping me to continue in this process of healing using your knowledge and devotion." - Edith VillelaFAQ - Who is this training for? It is for anyone who wants to become a better lover, listener, and communicator. It is for anyone that feels stuck and is looking for a serious breakthrough. It's for practitioners, coaches, and counselors that want to level up their skills and services. It is definitely for those who wish to become a facilitator of True Love Training.The Training has 3 parts:Part 1 Authenticity: Authentic Vulnerable Communication from the heart, body, and mind. Lover Guide to developing that powerful lover in you. Part 2 Integrity: Orgasmic Touch. Create deep meaningful connections through touch. Part 3 Reciprocity: Dynamic Facilitation Training: Finding joy and purpose by serving others. Each part creates breakthroughs to up-level your passions and love life. What does this retreat include? This retreat includes transportation to and from the airport. Pickup only on Wednesday the 6th (before 6pm) and Drop off Sunday the 10th (after 11am). Also, transport to the Tantra Festival on the 10th. 3 meals a day, shared room with one other person or private room for two. All course materials, Tamazcal (sweat lodge) and all activities. Pool, lounge, quiet time, loving connections, morning yoga/movement practices... What more could you ask for!What do I have to bring / How to prepare? Reserve your spot now and Deva will personally welcome you. Your experience begins before the retreat. You will get the online training and special instructions to prepare for the retreat. There will be group emails following up to the beginning of the retreat. What are the food options? We will provide gluten-free, vegan options for those who need it. There will be local Mexican organic and freshly prepared dishes daily. If you have special needs, please let us know beforehand so we can try to accommodate. "My experience with Deva made me a much stronger and yet sensitive person. Strong as a woman that believes in her inner strength and sensitive to be connected to my human experience. His professionalisms and ability to be present with compassion and acceptance allowed me to be truthful with my self as I have never been before. I regain trust in my self and others again. A wonderful gift to my heart." - Vielca McBrideReserve your spot today and I will see you in Cancun!

miércoles, 06. noviembre 2019, Cancún, Transformational Wellness Retreat in Cancun (True Love Training Part 1)

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