Tijuana Street Photography Tour

Downtown Tijuana Street Photography -Conquer your fear and learn how to photograph and approach strangers on the street. -Learn how to shoot under different lighting conditions, from high sun through the golden hour. -Go unnoticed and learn how to get close to your subject/s without disrupting the moment. -Beginners can learn how to get the most from their cameras. -Learn how to zone focus for those fast approaching subjects and for discreet shooting. -Further develop your understanding of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to best use them on the streets. -Develop compositional techniques like – figure to ground, dynamic symmetry, and color theory, to create better balance and composition in your images. -Take better urban landscape images, using light, color and contrast. -Enhance your images with pre visualizing techniques. -Stay clear of trouble by projecting confidence whilst understanding and staying clear of hazards. -Develop your own style of street photography, whether photographing people, places, urban landscapes. -Learn to design and plan personal projects that are meaningful to you. -Learn why less is more when it comes to street photography and getting better imagery. Tijuana is a city of extremes. it’s gritty, colorful, vibrant & alive, and it makes for an interesting & exciting place to visit. It’s an even better place for those who love street photography & urban photography. Life’s on show down every street. We see a way of living and working that is not seen in America today. Whilst parts of Downtown are largely catered to tourists, you only need to walk a few blocks to find a more localized Downtown area. Our tours are not photo walks, nor meet-up styled events in which you do more drinking and socializing whilst talking about cameras than actual photography. We don’t wander like a large flock of flamingos, shooting in sync at the same subjects. Our tours are cultural adventures for beginners and experienced street photographers alike. Our tours are for photographers who like to get out of their comfort zone and experience new places whilst challenging themselves as photographers. We explore prime areas for street & urban photography in small groups. We encourage you to shoot freely and we will be there to offer knowledgeable advice & guidance along the way with the opportunity for focused 1on1 time to work on aspects of street, urban, and documentary photography that matter most to you. Whilst our tours are focused on the Art of Photography, we would be foolish to go home without having eaten some authentic street food first. We will have time in between shooting to eat and enjoy a beer whilst discussing topics in a group setting, giving everyone the chance to reflect on the skills they honed or practiced for the first time. Eliminar o actualizar evento