15. marzo 2021 - 0:30

The Dream of Henry Spencer, Henry's Apartment, lunes, 15. marzo 2021

* * * HENRY'S DREAM * * *

Henry’s head pops off and his baby's head comes up from between his shoulders, replacing it. Henry's head sinks into a growing pool of blood on a tile floor, falls from the sky, and, finally, lands on an empty street in the industrial wasteland and cracks open. A young boy finds Henry's broken head and takes it to a pencil factory, where Paul, the desk clerk, summons his ill-tempered boss to the front desk by repeatedly pushing a buzzer. The boss, angered by the summons, yells at Paul, but regains his composure when he sees what the little boy has brought. The boss and the boy carry the head to a back room where the Pencil Machine Operator takes a core sample of Henry's brain, assays it, and determines that it is a serviceable material for pencil erasers. The boy is then paid for bringing in Henry's head. The Pencil Machine Operator then sweeps the eraser shavings off the desk and sends them billowing into the air.

* * * I WILL BE THERE * * * WILL YOU? * * *


lunes, 15. marzo 2021, Henry's Apartment, The Dream of Henry Spencer

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