The Data Scientist & The Artist: Driving Innovation through Analytics & Arts, TBC Mexico, jueves, 09. mayo 2019

Master Class: “The Data Scientist & The Artist” by Professors Nir Hindi and Marcos Ramirez.

In this talk, Nir will challenge your way of thinking about the relations between art, entrepreneurship, science, and technology. He will highlight the importance of being creative and adopting, what he calls, The Artistic Mindset. To interpret data and understand how to apply powerful insights for a decision-making process, a data scientist needs to think out of the box. Marcos will challenge your analytics skills through a data science session in which you will learn how to create value from data insights. You will need to be creative, innovative and understand the importance analytics in business.

jueves, 09. mayo 2019, TBC Mexico, The Data Scientist & The Artist: Driving Innovation through Analytics & Arts

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