Swimming with Whale Sharks Silvia & Eric, Mocambo Restaurant, miércoles, 03. julio 2019

Whale Sharks are not actually sharks but are the largest fish in the world and are about the size of a small bus. They swim slow and eat plankton and krill. It is an incredible experience.     
Each boat can hold 10 people and 1 certified guide.
The boat will go about 40 minutes off-shore to where the whale shark are eating. Each person will get two opportunities to swim among the Whale Sharks before heading back to the island.  
Once back, the boat will anchor off North Beach and prepare fresh ceviche and have sandwiches available for lunch as you enjoy swimming in the shallow area of the island and relax. 
The boat will dock back around 1:00pm. 
The tour includes the certified bi-lingual guide, captain, life-vests, lunch, water/sodas and snorkel equipment.
Please register by June 20rd.  Bring a water-proof camera/case/GoPro, swimsuit, towel and suntan lotion.
* If you are prone to sea sickness take 1/2 tab of Dramamine the night before and the other half the morning when you wake.
* It is advised NOT to be hungover for the tour
* If you have a bad back, it is preferred to sit in the back of the boat where it is less bumpy
* Kids 8 and over are allowed  

miércoles, 03. julio 2019, Mocambo Restaurant, Swimming with Whale Sharks Silvia & Eric

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