08. diciembre 2017 - 19:30 hasta 21:00

So, You’re an Empath - Conversation, Estados Unidos, viernes, 08. diciembre 2017

Join Marie Manuchehri for a lively conversation as she helps to empower the empath. Easily feeling what others feel, distracting you from your own personal adventure. Confused about the direction of your life. Overly stimulated by sad stories, the news, or your perception of your “lonely” pet while you were busy at work.

To be empathic is a gift. Having lived eons, empaths have seen all things and experienced a multitude of pleasant and unpleasant circumstances. Their vast knowing stretches past the earth’s atmosphere and easily enters the cosmos, providing intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, and feeling beyond the five senses.



viernes, 08. diciembre 2017, Estados Unidos, So, You’re an Empath - Conversation

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