Science Birthday Party Package, 1 Campus Rd, martes, 30. abril 2019

Crazy Science Show is a new and surprising format of a kids’ party! On-site science laboratory, where science fiction becomes a reality!1. Dry Ice Discovery party (100% interactive show. 45 min show. 10-25 group of kids): Party (making slime with your kids. 45 min. 10-25 group of kids): nitrogen party (party with Ice Cream in the end. 45 min. 10-25 group of kids): 

Private party only! *(we are not selling tickets. full package only)We travel to the client (we can come to your house, Schools, Park, ets)Before book your party please call us:347-401-24-94

martes, 30. abril 2019, 1 Campus Rd, Science Birthday Party Package



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