Sarah Marshall’s Forever You’ll Sparkle Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Party, Estados Unidos, sábado, 09. diciembre 2017

Hey everyone!! Sarah will be hosting a Forever You’ll Sparkle Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Party on Saturday; December 9,2017 at 12pm until 2pm at Maria Adam’s house.

I will have tons of cash and carry items. Forms of payment will include cash; check and credit/debit cards. I will also be taking orders at the party for customized pieces. You can always order online if you are unable to attend. Sarah will still receive the Credit. If there is a certain item you’d like me to have at the party; please comment on the picture to let me know. I can have it for you!

I will also be doing specials at the party. You won’t want to miss those. As well as those specials; I will also be posting online specials between now and the party. How this works... if you are interested in one of those online specials; comment on the post to claim the special and provide an email for me to send a PayPal invoice. These are just some extras to make this party fun!!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can private message me or contact me at 7245623622.

I look forward to seeing all of you!!

sábado, 09. diciembre 2017, Estados Unidos, Sarah Marshall’s Forever You’ll Sparkle Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Party

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