Prodigy Finance Networking Night l Mexico City, Mexico City, lunes, 26. noviembre 2018

Prodigy Finance invites you to cocktails and tapas to celebrate your post-graduate degree journey.
Whether you've already been admitted to your Masters or MBA program, are still waiting on an offer or already are already in school, please come celebrate all the hard you've put into pursuing your educational goals - we'd love to meet you!
This will be a great opportunity to meet students who will be attending your program, or network across schools even if you've already started school but happen to be near by! The Prodigy Finance team will also be able to answer all of your questions about financing your Masters study abroad or just chat about how your experience is going so far. 
Feel free to bring a friend along and spread the word to any incoming students or applicants residing in Mexico City who you think might be interested in joining in person!

lunes, 26. noviembre 2018, Mexico City, Prodigy Finance Networking Night l Mexico City

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