Private Photography Lessons , Malecon Puerto Vallarta, martes, 17. septiembre 2019

Private Photography Lessons
Create your very own photography lesson and focus on learning the aspects of photography that are most important to you. 
Did you get a new camera, lens, or accessory and you would like help testing it out? We have knowledge in all camera types!

Cover the basics of beginner photography and get out of Auto mode! We can teach you how to easily understand all of the elements of exposure. Learn about composition techniques for more visually appealing photos or just get to know your camera better with a camera specific lesson!

Bring a friend to model and get hands on practice with natural light portraiture. Learn what lenses and focal lengths to use for flattering images and shallow depth of field. See how important the correct white balance is for capturing accurate skin tones and create nice catchlights with a reflector or fill flash. In this lesson, you will gain an understanding of how and why to pose men and women of all body types. 

Join us for lunch and learn how to style, light, and compose the perfect food photo with this lesson. Study details and watch for distracting highlights or unappetizing shadows. Learn some of the food photography industry’s tricks of the trade and get our suggested list for a food photography kit of your own!
Looking for a unique experience? Why not try a night photography lesson and learn how to use your metering mode when shooting the moon, practice long exposures creating star trails with take home notes on processing your images, and gain a fun new technique in painting with light! 
Maybe you just want a guide to photographing a new place or your favorite little corner of Puerto Vallarta. We are happy to join you, point out good photo opportunities, and teach you how to find good qualities of light and compositional elements. 

About the Instructor:
Ashley has a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Photography and has been teaching various photography subjects for over 7 years to individuals, schools and businesses all over the United States. in 2018 she and her husband moved to Puerto Vallarta to create Nomad Family Photo Group. You can see her work and learn more at

How it Works: 
At the time of booking please confirm your lesson date and time. If you would like to choose a different date or time we will try to accommodate you. The lessons can take place at your hotel, favorite PV spot or if you like, depending on your desired subject matter, we would be happy to suggest some locations. 

martes, 17. septiembre 2019, Malecon Puerto Vallarta, Private Photography Lessons

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