Petition to Caleb's Law: A Call to Action, Online Petition, domingo, 17. diciembre 2017

Please SIGN and SHARE "Caleb's Law Petition to Gov. Brown", if you support UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE for ALL IHSS Careproviders that lose their job, due to the death of their recipient spouse or child. (Click "SEE MORE" to expand)

"Petitioning Governor Jerry Brown
Going from job to jobless help devastated mother change California Unemployment Code/Law!

"If you are employed with In Home Supportive Services a California State ran program and you are the caregiver for your spouse or child you are not eligible to receive any unemployment benefits. All other employees are entitled to 26 weeks or less. I recently lost my son after he battled with a terminal heart condition for over 9 1/2 years and was denied UI benefits. I have paid both federal and state taxes while employed with IHSS. Please help me change this law so that no other person has to be doubly devastated by losing your loved one and your livelihood.

Thank you, Cathyleen Williams Barstow, CA"

>>>Click Here to Sign Petition to Gov. Brown for unemployment benefits for ALL PROVIDERS including parent providers:

>>>Click Here to view IHSS source document:

LIKE the Caleb Lucas Incredible Heart Journey page:
The volunteer providers and recipients of the IHSS community user support page are promoting this mother's efforts to save others, from what she and so many others have had to endure, and we ask that you help spread this petition.

Other relatives and non-related providers qualify for Unemployment Insurance should not be denied the surviving caregivers during this most difficult time of grief.

In honor and memory of of her brave and handsome son, we 2nd his mother's wish the proposed law be titled, "Caleb's law". Thank you. Happy Memorial Day.
The IHSS page is managed by volunteer providers and recipients, like you. Thank you.

domingo, 17. diciembre 2017, Online Petition, Petition to Caleb's Law: A Call to Action

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