Mindvalley 'Be Extraordinary' Seminar is coming back to Mexico City!, Hotel Ramada Reforma, sábado, 18. enero 2020

Join A Community Of Experts, Visionaries, And Learners Ready To Help You Unleash Your Full Potential...
Our Mindvalley's 'Be Extraordinary' seminar is coming back to Mexico!
It’s a 1-day seminar designed by Vishen Lakhiani himself and it’s based on the ideas developed from the last 15 years of Mindvalley - ideas that were shared in the hit book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”. It combined all the proven and most effective tools give  you a powerful framework to help you bend reality and elevate the way you function in the world. The seminar also integrates key philosophies and ideas from our top teachers (think Neale Donald Walsch, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Emily Fletcher and more).
At Be Extraordinary, you’ll be spending a full day absorbing some of the most profound models and systems based on thousands of hours of learning from great teachers worldwide.
The seminar will be delivered by our Mindvalley Master Certified Trainer.
You will learn how to level up your level of gratitude and compassion, release traumas through radical forgiveness exercise, gain clarity about the direction you want to take in your life, and not only implement an avanced goal setting techniques, but also start manifesting them into your life. You will gain a set of practical tools ready to be implemented in your everyday life.
In short, what you’ll be getting are practical techniques—condensed and contextualized—so you get years of growth in just a single day.
So prepare yourself for an intensive, group learning experience that will also be a lot of fun!
You’ll also make deep and lasting connections with like-minded souls.

sábado, 18. enero 2020, Hotel Ramada Reforma, Mindvalley 'Be Extraordinary' Seminar is coming back to Mexico City!

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