09. diciembre 2017 - 19:00

Kickin Santacon Style 2017, Estados Unidos, sábado, 09. diciembre 2017

Join ALL the santa's for the 5th annual SantaCon Pub Crawl, organized and run by me, Jersey, your extra special east coast friend

EVERYONE Welcome, pass invite along to your friends!

FREE to join in the fun, drinks are at your own expense. We will be collecting donations for TBD; and also having a RAFFLE! Thank you for your generosity :)

Pub Crawl Itenerary:

What is Santacon?
-Yearly tradition of ***** beverages and costumes!

How do I enjoy Santacon to its fullest?
-Dress as Santa! No one likes the lump of coal OR be creative by being another holiday themed character.
--And no, just wearing a Santa hat does not fly.

How can I prepare for the SantaCon?
-Go though to educate yourself on the history of this wonderful experience:

Visit Party City on Coors or Wyoming to purchase a costume. Prices vary from $40.00 to $80.00. You can order online but GO DO IT NOW!

sábado, 09. diciembre 2017, Estados Unidos, Kickin Santacon Style 2017

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