Isla Contoy Trip with Jessica & Jose, Big Daddy's Beach Bar, lunes, 17. junio 2019

Isla Contoy is a protected nature preserve about 40 minutes off-shore of Isla Mujeres. Best know for bird watching, sting rays and reef snorkeling.

This is a private wedding tour and includes snorkle equipment, a buffet lunch, rum punch/beer/water/sodas, access to Isla Contoy, a bilingual guide and a stop at Ixlache Reef. 
Please register by June 1st.  Bring a water-proof camera/case, swimsuit, towel, bug spray and suntan lotion.
* If you are prone to sea sickness take 1/2 tab of Dramamine the night before and the other half the morning when you wake.
* It is advised NOT to be hungover for the tour
* If you have a bad back, it is preferred to sit in the back of the boat where it is less bumpy
* Kids 8 and over are allowed  
* There is a bathroom on the boat 

lunes, 17. junio 2019, Big Daddy's Beach Bar, Isla Contoy Trip with Jessica & Jose

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