Halloween & Day of the Dead, Puebla City, viernes, 12. octubre 2018

This time is forbidden to come with us and have so much FUN! The next activities are for everybody who likes new experiences in English:**********OCTOBER ***********1) Fantastic MeetingDate: Friday 12th,Hour: 6 PMMeeting Point: Quadrivia Cholula ( 4 nte 208, Cholula)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2) Awesome Halloween 2018: Marcha Siniestra VIIIDate: Friday 27th,Hour: 6 PMMeeting Point: Downtown Puebla **********NOVEMBER**********3) Day of the Dead 2018 : Soy la Suma de Todos mis Muertos Date: Friday 2nd,Hour: 6 PMMeeting Point: Yeska & Aura (13 pte 102, El Carmen, Puebla)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>4) Movember (International Mens Day 2018) Date: Friday 16th,Hour: 6 PMMeeting Point: Casa Nueve Cholula (2 nte1205A, San Andrés)

NOTE: Remember we defend a CAUSE a percentage of each donation, this year is for the victims of the earthquake of the last September 2017.

More information, Registration, and Interviews please contact us to this number (222) 171-1908

viernes, 12. octubre 2018, Puebla City, Halloween & Day of the Dead

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