FSRU Project Development and Operation: Mexico City, Mexico City, lunes, 03. junio 2019

Course overview
The course provides a comprehensive overview of the FSRU industry addressing many of the technical, project specific and commercial issues associated with the use of FSRU regasification units.
The course is designed for

Technical, commercial and management staff who require a high level technical overview of the LNG industry and FSRU development
Personnel within the industry
Technical support staff entering the industry
Technical staff who want to expand their understanding of the industry
Students considering the industry as a career

Course outline
Introduction to LNG – what is LNGSome key facts about LNG, including physical properties, rich and lean LNG, composition ranges, safety and flammability
LNG Global Trade and alternative Commercial ModelsGlobal Gas and LNG TradeDevelopment of LNG TradeLNG Importing CountriesThe Global FSRU FleetGas Market CharacteristicsThe LNG Contract ChainSales and Purchase AgreementsFSRU Chartering
Technical fundamentalsLNG Properties and conversionsHeating Values, Wobbe, Interchangeability and market specifications
FSRU vs Land Based ImportCAPEXSchedulePermittingPort Restrictions
Major FSRU Technology ChoicesRegas Technology SelectionBoil-Off Gas Handling/ReliquefactionLNG Pump SelectionTopsides Layout Considerations
FSRU Cargo Containment SystemsOverview of liquefaction systems (membrane vs Moss vs SPB vs Type C) 
LNG TransferShip to Ship Transfer- side by side vs tandemHard Arms vs Cryogenic HosesHP Gas transfer vs hard arms and HP hosesCustody Transfer, Metering and measurementSmall scale and bunkering
FSRU Mooring System DesignsTower Yoke SystemsSpread MooringOffshore IslandJetty MooringGravity Based Regas structures
Marine Infrastructure IssuesBreakwater DesignPort DredgingTugs and Pilots
FSRU DesignsNewbuild vs ConversionsShipyard SelectionShip Designs (AtlanticMax, Q-max, Q-flex)Floating Storage (FSU’s)Floating Regas (FRU’s)Floating Gas to PowerNiche FSRU Applications
FSRU Construction & ConstructabilityLong Lead Item DeliveryTypical Conversion ScheduleTypical Newbuild Schedule
FSRU CAPEX and OPEXFactors Influencing CAPEX and OPEXTypical OPEX Elements
FSRU Site Selection ConsiderationsMetoceanWater DepthWater TemperatureEnvironmental Regulations
Introduction to LNG SafetyHistorical Incidents and Lessons learned – material selection, layout, stratification, rapid phase transition, otherSafety in DesignSafety Code requirementsIntroduction to Permitting and Environmental
Course terms and conditions

lunes, 03. junio 2019, Mexico City, FSRU Project Development and Operation: Mexico City

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