****-fine Tijuana dives , Tijuana, viernes, 13. septiembre 2019

Rev up for a run around downtown Tijuana’s damnedest-fine dive bars, a collection of what locals know as the border city’s most quintessential cantinas. Watering holes that double as would-be wormholes in the spacetime continuum, these are hands-down some of our most favorite classic spots in town whose names, in the spirit of suspense, we’ll keep secret until the night of.
Tickets include a round at each cantina, plus an all-you-can-eat feast of tacos varios before calling it a night.
The group meets on the U.S. side of the Pedwest border crossing at the Virginia Avenue Transit Center at 8 p.m., with an estimated return to the border at 1 a.m.

viernes, 13. septiembre 2019, Tijuana, ****-fine Tijuana dives

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