FiberTite Foreman Leadership Workshop, Seaman Training Center, martes, 20. agosto 2019

Learn the skills to be a Leader in the installation of FiberTite® Single-Ply Roof Systems.
Join our FiberTite Technical Team to develop your working understanding of how project management and leadership lead to a higher quality of commercial roofing craftsmanship.

About this Event
This two-day workshop covers quality assurance, project management, and leadership skills for foremen or potential foreman in the commercial roofing industry who would like to improve their leadership skills to achieve higher levels of quality, efficiency, and productivity.
Increase your confidence in managing crew members on FiberTite® projects, and increase your customers’ confidence in you and the work you oversee of installing FiberTite® Projects.
Pre-requisites for course attendance:
> Your company must be a Seaman Corporation Authorized Applicator.
> Attendee(s) must have 4 years of experience as a roofing professional.
> Attendee(s) must have a company designated Manager/Supervisor Sponsor.
> A DiSC assessment survey will be provided and must be completed before attending.
NOTE: course fee will be invoiced to your company
Benefits for Attendees:

Sets you apart as a leader in roofing by proving you have quality assurance, project management, and leadership knowledge, skills and abilities to install a FiberTite® Roof System.
Encourages your employer to invest more in your training and development.
Increases your confidence in managing crew members on FiberTite® projects.
Increases customers’ confidence in you and the work you oversee of installing FiberTite® Projects.

Benefits for Your Employer:

Results in more consistent FiberTite® installations (fewer problems and callbacks) which will increase productivity and profitability.

Benefits for Customers:

Provides a way to identify Foreman as Leaders of FiberTite® installations.
Promotes confidence in the work performed on an installed FiberTite® Roof System.

martes, 20. agosto 2019, Seaman Training Center, FiberTite Foreman Leadership Workshop



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