EntreWE Retreat, Puerto Plata, jueves, 25. abril 2019

You are invited to an exclusive event for your Entrepreneurial Spirit!
Throughout the ages we have heard tales of the Amazon Women.  In the past 4 decades archaeologists have been digging to find evidence of whether they in fact existed or not.  In their search they have found much more than they bargained for.  What we thought were mythical heroines during the past 3,000 years have in fact been found, along with recorded stories and portrayals of their lives, families, challenges, conquests and adventures.  They are NO MYTH!!
Extensive studies of these heroines find them to be gentle, with one hand on the cradle, and fierce, with the other hand on the sword.  The Amazons, or Warrior Women, as they were also referred to, had equals in several parts of the world.  These parts included Eurasia, Central Europe, Greece, Middle Eastern Europe and North Africa as well as, surprisingly, Ireland.
The Amazons possess the characteristics that the modern woman with the entrepreneurial spirit is seeking.  That could be YOU. You may be an independent entrepreneur or in a corporate role, held back in countless ways.  You want to move past all that!
The characteristics of the Amazons are built on Emotional, Physical and Mental strength.  They are the rock on which rests stability for the home, business and society.  The Amazon woman did not compromise.  She possessed immense wealth.  The Amazons were peaceful warriors, yet at times, fierce command and power were necessary. Between them, they developed it and were able to overcome the power of hostilities.  
The earth moves in cycles of approximately 2,100 years.  In 2012, we have come into a new cycle (so it is believed).  Since that time, women have been experiencing pressure and repression in their homes, their work and society as we have never known before.  The passing years have been a time of epic global paradigm shift.
A shift in consciousness is complex stuff.
Many people and organizations (including many global power players, politicians and executives) who believed in the significance of the events in 2012 gathered together and tried to create something positive and worthwhile. 
So, it was to be believed.  
All around the world people gathered to celebrate a unique moment in time.  While there was a lot of collaboration happening, in the background what was needed was for real progress in building bridges between nations, genders and cultures.
 Retreat and Find Your Inner Amazon Woman
Women have historically been the keepers of the health and of traditions.  The values and principles of the Warrior Women have survived millennia. Characteristics such as endurance, empathy, fierceness and intuition have enabled women to take positions of power.  
Every woman today who has an entrepreneurial spirit is able to ‘Unleash the Spirit’ and achieve her dreams.  Imagine being able to harness your environment and be an ‘in charge’ hearth woman or be the powerful business builder and leader you see yourself as.
‘EntreWE’ has created a powerful retreat for entrepreneurial women (Entre is French for between and WE is Women Entrepreneurs).   

Give yourself the gift of growth - be fearless
Have a totally unique travel experience
Feel proud of what you have accomplished
Experience the supportive network of like-minded women - feel the power of empathy in action
Connect in an environment unlike any you’ve been in before
Meet people - break the silence
Stop having to continually prove yourself
Access the knowledge and experience of peers and mentors
Learn new skills for you and your business that will turn a weakness into a strength
Put the competition aside and choose to be EntreWE.  

Price includes:           

Transfers to/from airport in Puerto Plata

Villa accommodations

All-inclusive food and beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic, snacks and beach venues

All dietary requirements can be met  

All activities from the time of arrival until departure (6 days)  

Price does not include any optional spa treatments, tours, shopping or sports activities not on the program. 
The EntreWE retreat takes place on April 25 - 30, 2019 in the Dominican Republic. 
Fly to Puerto Plata.    You will be picked up at airport in Puerto Plata.  
You’ll enjoy the ocean, the mountains and the villas.
View more details here
We look forward to seeing you join us in the Dominican! 

jueves, 25. abril 2019, Puerto Plata, EntreWE Retreat

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