Digital Lightroom & Photoshop Lessons , Puerto Vallarta, lunes, 16. septiembre 2019

Photoshop & Lightroom Digital Lessons 
For remote lessons, with the ability to share screens while on an audio call, we will be able to have a hands-on private lesson to help you organize or back up your Lightroom Catalog and hard drives and learn a variety of editing techniques and filters in both Lightroom and Photoshop no matter where you are located! For locals and visitors, in person lessons are also available. (Remote Lessons are currently only available for Mac users)
Lessons in Photoshop include basic skin and body retouching, sharpening, compositing and head swaps, creating graphics and texts, and more!
With your images and shooting data in front of us, we can have a portfolio and editing review so you can receive feedback on your photography skills, camera settings, and editing style. 
Step up your photography game today with professional tips and techniques for shooting and editing your best images!

About the Instructor:
Ashley has a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Photography and has been teaching various photography subjects for over 7 years to individuals, schools and businesses all over the United States. in 2018 she and her husband moved to Puerto Vallarta to create Nomad Family Photo Group. You can see her work and learn more at

How it Works: 
At the time of booking please confirm your lesson date and time. If you would like to choose a different date or time we will try to accommodate you. The lessons can take place digitally for Mac users or in person if preferred at your home or hotel. 

lunes, 16. septiembre 2019, Puerto Vallarta, Digital Lightroom & Photoshop Lessons

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Taco103 -veggie taco walk

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Downtown101 walk

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