27. enero 2018 - 10:00 hasta 13:00

Counter Protest at Nebraska Walk for “Life”, Estados Unidos, sábado, 27. enero 2018

It's getting near that time of year again when "Pro-Lifers" all across the country gather to protest abortion and a women's right to choose. Let's all show up for our annual protest to make sure they know we are here to stay and we will stand up for these important rights for as long as we have to. Rain, snow, or shine we'll be there. I don’t care who’s president! Nobody is going to take away this important right.

Their rally will start on the North steps of the Capitol building around 10 AM, and they will have K Street blocked off so their supporters can fill in as well. We will be rallying across from them on the Lincoln Mall. After their rally, they will march down 14th Street to the UNL Student Union for more programming indoors. (This is typically around 11:15 AM.) We will also march parallel to them on the nearby sidewalk. We will typically conclude our counter-protest outside the UNL Union, where we may stand until most of them either enter the Union or hop on their buses to go home. This usually concludes around noon.

The Black Cat House is preparing to offer childcare again to counter-protestors not wanting to subject their kids to the often-harsh January weather. We are currently looking for a couple of volunteers interested in staying there to babysit.

sábado, 27. enero 2018, Estados Unidos, Counter Protest at Nebraska Walk for “Life”

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