Building The New Web - Buenos Aires edition (pre-Devcon 6, hopefully), Buenos Aires, domingo, 01. noviembre 2020

Proudly co-sponsored by Fortmatic ()Fortmatic: Build web3 dApps without extensions or The New Web - Buenos Aires edition (right before, hopefully, Devcon 6)A technical exploration of a decentralised editions included showcases from projects like Mainframe, NuCypher, Solana, The Graph, Chromia, Quarkchain, Tomochain, Dfinity, Hedera Hashgraph, Dusk Network, AVA Labs, Matic Network, Infura, Harmony, Algorand, Offchain Labs, Coda Protocol & more.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Program:1200 - 1300 Walk in & socializing for main event1300 - 1330 Showcase #1:1330 - 1400 Showcase #2:1400 - 1430 Showcase #3:1430 - 1500 BREAK & FOOD/DRINKS1500 - 1530 Showcase #4:1530 - 1600 Showcase #5:1600 - 1630 Showcase #6:1630 - 1700 SOCIALIZING & FOOD/DRINKS1700 - 1730 Evening showcase #1:1730 - 1800 Evening showcase #2:1800 - 1830 Evening showcase #3:1830 - 2000 Mingling and drinksEvent outline:The web as we know it has proven to be reminiscent of Pandora's Box. An unprecedented experiment of human faith with outcomes we had yet to discover. The discussions on privacy, security, trust, personal data and governance are becoming fiercer by the day. The loudest critics believe the foundations of the internet were flawed to begin with.But things are , protocol designers and distributed systems engineers have been doing R&D for decades on how computer science could liberate our world, the web and financial systems. With the inception of Bitcoin and Ethereum a larger part of the world is witnessing the first steps into a decentralised are the next steps? Which teams are working on the cutting edge of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and are solving unprecedented challenges in the field of cryptography, consensus mechanisms, protocol design, scalability, security and on-chain governance?During this event we will witness technical showcases from CTO's or technical leads from several different projects. After each showcase there is room for a Q&A. There will be enough time for socializing and one on ones with the projects. And yes, there is plenty of food available.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The technical threshold to enjoy this event will be high. We encourage IT & blockchain developers, distributed systems engineers, cryptographers, security experts, protocol designers, peer to peer developers and tech savvy enthusiasts to join this November 1st in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThe Innovation DepartmentFor an impression of the atmosphere and lineup of previous 'Building the new web' events: co-sponsored by Fortmatic ()Fortmatic: Build web3 dApps without extensions or downloads.

domingo, 01. noviembre 2020, Buenos Aires, Building The New Web - Buenos Aires edition (pre-Devcon 6, hopefully)

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