04. mayo 2018 - 16:00

Black Hills Shootout , Estados Unidos, viernes, 04. mayo 2018

Seven cornhole events crammed into 2 days.

Friday May 4th, 2018:

4 PM - Sign up for Early Bird Random draw doubles - $10 per person

4:30 PM - Early Bird Random draw doubles tournament - Best of three in winners, one and done in losers.

7:00 PM - Sign up for 2nd random draw tourney - $10 per person

7:30 PM - 2nd random draw tourney. - Best of three in winners, one and done in losers.

Everyone will need to throw an SCR game on Friday evening. This score will determine your seeding for the singles and doubles tournaments on Saturday. If you aren't able to do this you will have a seeding score of zero. Optional $5 prior to throwing gets you in the top 3 payout challenge for high scores.

Saturday May 5th, 2018:

9:30 AM - Register for Singles - $25 per person

10 AM - Singles tournament - Best of 3 in winners and losers bracket. (Pending # of entrants)

4 PM - Register for doubles - $50 per team

5 PM - Doubles tournament - Best of 3 in winners and losers bracket. (Pending # of teams)

Points will be awarded from the two Saturday tournaments based on place finished. The points will be added up for each state to decide which state with the most points to take the prestigious Cup. Keep in mind the points are for the cup and bragging rights. All money is won in the tournaments.

We will do a knockout game on Saturday between the singles and doubles tournaments - $5/person. Top 3 paid.

We will do an airmail challenge on Saturday. It will be open for about 4 hours. We will pay the top 3 places. $5 for one throw of 8 bags or $10 for three throws of 8 bags.

You can bring your own bags to use. They have to be approved by the tournament director (T-bone and/or Mike). We will go with the ACL parameters. Only bags allowed must be on the current ACL allowed bag list and have official brand logos.
Bags should measure 6" x 6" when laid flat - accepted tolerance is 5.75” – 6.25”.
Bags should weigh 16 ounces – accepted tolerance is 15.5 oz – 16.25 oz. Bags should measure 1.25” thick – accepted tolerance is 1.00” to 1.50”.
Outside Material may be anything that does not damage or create residue on the board
Inside Material should be RESIN ONLY. No metal and nothing that will damage or leave residue on the board.
Examples of some allowed bag manufacturers like Beer Belly, BG, Cheetahs and Pro Z.

To grow the sport out West we will limit this event to players that are living in states West of the Mississippi river. Be prepared to show ID.

A block of rooms will be reserved for this event at the Holiday Inn. The hotel rate is $79.99. Ask for the "BH Shootout" Rate. (605) 642-4683

Please share with and invite your fellow players.

viernes, 04. mayo 2018, Estados Unidos, Black Hills Shootout

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