How to Start Your Business Workshop, Mt. San Jacinto College - San Jacinto Campus, sábado, 15. junio 2019

Partner with a Fortune 500 Brand:
Entrepreneurship isn't big and scary; it's completely within your reach. We keep it simple and easy to understand. Here's a glimpse of what you will learn:

Projecting Income & Expenses.
How to Get Startup Capital.
Structure of your business entity (ie. Corporation)

Learn to Navigate Business Owner Logistics: 
At this workshop, we will show the entrepreneur-minded individuals how to hire staff, implement marketing strategies and how the insurance industry creates lead generation. 

Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity to attend An Entrepreneur workshop
 ( The mechanic of starting your own Insurance Business)


sábado, 15. junio 2019, Mt. San Jacinto College - San Jacinto Campus, How to Start Your Business Workshop

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