15. diciembre 2017 - 22:00

BADWVLF at Bass Therapy 12/15, Estados Unidos, viernes, 15. diciembre 2017

It's that time again! BADWVLF will be playing at Bass Therapy, and he'll be bringing heavy headbanger vibes and a special surprise performance 😉

BADWVLF will play on the Bass Stage 12-12:40, right before Bandlez takes over the Main Stage for their Seattle debut!

Hit that "going" button to be added to the limited guest list! This will get you in for free before 11pm, so you can save your money for NoSleepyy shots and Red Cup Specials 😛

We will be celebrating two birthdays as well! We will be reserving at least one VIP table for the celebrations. DM Tyler Anderton if you want to pitch in $20-$30 for a VIP wristband. This will give you entry at any time, a cool VIP table to dance in during Bandlez's set, and vodka and/or champagne depending on how many people pitch in 🥂

This will also be my last show as "BADWVLF", a new project is on the horizon, that I can't wait to share with you all 🐺🐺

See you Friday! 🖤

viernes, 15. diciembre 2017, Estados Unidos, BADWVLF at Bass Therapy 12/15

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