Aimee & Tom's Island Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt, Jax Bar & Grill, viernes, 05. abril 2019

Join us for an awesome day exploring Isla Mujeres. During the Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt you will get the chance to see many cool spots, sip on cold drinks & eat good food along the way. Please register by March 15th. Pricing includes the golf cart rental, scavenger hunt team lists & the prize for the wedding team. Bring a camera, swimsuit, sun lotion and spending money for lunch and items you will find throughout the day. When we meet back at 5:00pm, we will add up the points, announce the winning team and give out a prize!!
*Everyone participating will need to purchase one ticket. You will be put into teams of four once sign ups are complete* 
See you at Jax at 12:00pm on Friday before the wedding!

viernes, 05. abril 2019, Jax Bar & Grill, Aimee & Tom's Island Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt

Coffee Break Navideño

Coffee Break Navideño

sábado 14. diciembre 2019


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