Acro Adventures in El Paso w/ Danya Xena of the Acro SuperHeroes, Estados Unidos, sábado, 10. marzo 2018

We are going to step, jump, pop and float from place to place as we share fun, exciting & dynamic Acro moves and poses with the Indy and surrounding Acro communities! Join me and unleash your inner SuperHero!

Saturday 12pm-3pm & 5pm-8pm
Sunday 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

Super Early Bird: $120 for the weekend - First 6 to Register
Early Bird: $130 for the weekend - Next 6 -
Pre-Register: $150
Regular Price at the Door: $160
Per Session: $40

*NOTE If have attended an Acro Teacher Training and are actively teaching get in touch for a discount code of 15%.

We will cover hands free washing machines, Icarian, and popping machines.

Must be able to demonstrate ease basing or flying: Ninja Star, Free Star, Reverse Star presses, Side Star, Side Star Tick Tocks.


Danya Xena is a full-time travelling acro teacher who creates supportive, safe, collaborative and fun learning environments. With a focus on dynamic acrobatics she encourages everyone’s inner Super Heroes by offering a community feeling with great progressions and awesome spotting. As a mid-weight acrobat she is both a base and a flyer, and as such, has a great understanding of both sides of the practice.

Danya co-founded the Acro SuperHeroes, the SuperHero Circus Academy, the Canadian Acro Intensive, founded FemPower Acro and has taught in over 100 communities. Danya brings with her a career in ***** education, coaching and facilitation, a deep passion for social justice, and a Masters degree in Diversity Studies with a focus on pedagogy (the art and science of teaching). Danya is certified as both a Partner Acrobatics and Acro Revolution Teacher and attended 10 weeks of Pitch Catch Circus in 2016. She also teaches the Acro and Social Justice Teacher Training.

sábado, 10. marzo 2018, Estados Unidos, Acro Adventures in El Paso w/ Danya Xena of the Acro SuperHeroes

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